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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Writing Overview


To be taught weekly in KS2 and evidence of the teaching of spelling is in the RWI spelling books.

Children sent home with differentiated words to learn which are tested weekly and marked by an adult to ensure that they are correct.



To be taught weekly and evidence of this in the Writing Book. Writing may be based on the English unit of work, or be linked to RE, Science etc.

If writing is linked to RE especially, complete the writing in the RE book and put a sticker in the Writing book to signpost where the weeks writing can be found.


Taught at least once a week. Lessons will show grammar, punctuation and possibly spelling work along with handwriting practise in the handwriting workbooks in KS1 and in English books in KS2. Objectives will be linked to the English units of work.