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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Saint Joseph

Here at St. Joseph's we are a Christ centred community where all children work, learn and grow in Christ.

Saint Joseph is our patron Saint and is an example to us all. He means a lot to the children and they know that they can pray to him and ask him for guidance.

Saint Joseph (Hebrew יוֹסֵף "Yosef"; Greek: Ιωσήφ) is the husband of the Virgin Mary and the earthly father of Jesus Christ. He showed great trust in God. He answered God's call to be Jesus' earthly father and showed love and kindness in his care for Jesus and his mother Mary.

Saint Joseph was born in Bethlehem and became a carpenter. He is known as a hard worker and is an example to us all that we should work hard and try our best.

Every year we celebrate Saint Joseph's feast day on 19th March with a special event in school to honour and remember our Saint and the good example he gives to us all.