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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Snippets of News - 2012/13

The Blessing of our School Mosaic

Our mosaic at the front of the building.

25 June 2013

On Tuesday 25th June our special Mosaic of St Joseph was blessed by Fr Emmanuel.

All of the children and staff in the school had worked together to create the beautiful piece of art which is now displayed on the front of our school.

The school council, Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Governors joined Fr Emmanuel in the blessing of the mosaic and hope that the mosaic will remain on the front of the school for many years to come.

Year 2's Book Quiz

Quizzers working in teams of four.

24 June 2013

On Monday 24th June, Year 2 took part in a Book Quiz. Mrs Seedhouse came from the Schools Library Service to ask us questions about a set of books we have been reading at school and home.

We worked in teams of four to answer the questions. It was a lot of fun!

We got nearly every question right!

St Joseph Mosaic

Some of our children working with Peter to create the mosaic.

17 June 2013

During the week beginning Monday 17th June the whole school community of St Joseph's has been involved in creating a very special mosaic for the front of our school building.

Everyone in school has been involved in working with Peter from Zantium to create the mosaic by carefully adding the tiles to the design.

We are very excited to be creating the mosaic and look forward to it being a very eye-catching feature at the front of the school.

Year 3 Visit the Fire Station

Year 3 children at the fire station.

12 June 2013

On 12th June Year 3 went on a very exciting visit to the Fire station.

The children went to learn about keeping safe at home. All of the children now know ways in which they can stay safe when they are home.

All of the children had a lovely time.

First Holy Communion Mass and Party

The children at their party.

11 June 2013

On Tuesday 11th June the whole school celebrated with the children who had received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.

A special Mass was held in school where lots of parents and family members joined in the celebration too.

Following Mass the children enjoyed a very special tea party.

Sacrament of First Holy Communion

The children in Church following the service.

9 June 2013

On Sunday 9th June lots of our children receieved the Sacrament of First Holy Communion in our Parish Church.

The church was decorated beautifully and the children were all so excitied. Lots of family members, staff and governors came to Church to share in the wonderful celebration.

It was a very special day, one which we hope the children will remember for a very long time.

Parent Coffee Morning

23 May 2013

On Thursday 23rd May we held a coffee morning in school for parents that had a focus on behaviour.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Mel (our school nurse) and Karen (our early intervention support). The session was very informal and parents enjoyed tea, coffee and biscuits while discussing how school deals with behaviour, strategies that might work at home and how the law on safeguarding differs in the UK compared with other countries.

The morning was a huge success and feedback from parents was extremely positive. We plan to run another workshop with Mel and Karen very soon.

CAFOD Assembly

Raphael hosting our assembly.

16 May 2013

On Thursday 16th May, Raphael from CAFOD came to our school to launch the ‘IF' campaign in a whole school assembly.

Raphael explained that hunger is the greatest scandal and the greatest challenge facing our generation.

That's why over 200 leading charities, including CAFOD, want to make 2013 the beginning of the end of the global hunger crisis. There is enough food in the world for everybody; yet one in eight people go to bed hungry every night!

Here at St. Joseph's we are fully supporting CAFOD with their campaign... with more news of our work to come!

Year 2 Assembly

Year 2 Assembly.

3 May 2013

On Friday 3rd May, Year 2 performed an assembly that told the story of Daniel in the Lions Den.

The children acted out the Old Testament story that tells us of a man called Daniel who had total faith in God.

They sang ‘My God is a Good God' together to end the assembly.

Year 4 Assembly

Year 4 Assembly.

26 April 2013

On Friday 26th April Year 4 performed an assembly about the feast day of Saint Mark.

They acted out the Resurrection story according to Saint Mark.

Year 4 Parent Workshop

Year 4 Numeracy Workshop.

22 April 2013

During the week beginning 22nd April Year 4 welcomed their parents into their classroom for two Numeracy Workshops.

House Point Winners for Spring - Forgiveness

Our Forgiveness House Captain with the House Cup.

28 March 2013

House Points
Forgiveness 2987
Respect 2982
Kindness 2907
Equality 2896
Truth 2876

On Thursday 28th March the House Point Trophy was awarded and the winning house for the Spring term was Forgiveness.

It was a very closely run contest with all houses scoring points into the thousands, but eventually it was Kindness who had the winning total of 2987 points.

Well done Forgiveness!

Good Shepherd Appeal Donations

As you can see our children and their families are very generous.

27 March 2013

On Wednesday 27th March our children and their families very kindly donated tins to be taken to the Good Shepherd Appeal in Wolverhampton which will help the homeless this Easter.

The Inauguration of Pope Francis I

A very special occasion.

19 March 2013

On Tuesday 19th March St Joseph's came together to celebrate the inauguration of Pope Francis I. This was a very special occasion as not only was it the inauguration of Pope Francis I it was also St Joseph's day!

All of the children in school received a special treat to celebrate the day.

Irish Dancing Festival

The Year 6 children performing their dance.

16 March 2013

On Saturday 16th March Year 6 children performed at the Sandwell Irish Society's St Patrick's Day Festival at The Public in West Bromwich.

The children had been working with John Carey for a few weeks to create a wonderful Irish dance to share at the festival.

All of the children worked very hard to learn the dance and we are very proud of them.

Mensa Presentations

The children with their parents and Governors.

14 March 2013

On Thursday 14th March 2013 a group of our gifted and talented children presented in front of parents and governors. These children were taking part in a Mensa inspired research project whereby they had to independently research a question that they had designed themselves and present this to their parents and governors.

Some children produced models to support their research including a doll dressed authentically in Sikh dress, a pyramid, an electric car, a river and even a working model of a volcano.

Everyone present learned a great deal about a range of topics. There were presentations on:

  • How does a volcano erupt?
  • How were the pyramids built?
  • How does an electric car work?
  • How do bats fly?
  • How does a river get to the sea?
  • What do Sikhs believe?

The standard of both the research and the presentation skills of all the children were awe inspiring and the children gained many skills in ICT and in having to research a question on their own.

Water Bottles

Two of our children with their new water bottles with the St Joseph's logo.

1 March 2013

On Friday 1st March we launched our new water bottle scheme at school.

We were lucky enough to be awarded a Healthy Schools Grant and decided the best way to spend the money was to invest in water bottles for the children and special water filter taps in each classroom.

Spring Term Parents' Evening

Children having fun in the Crèche.

26 February 2013

On Tuesday 26th February we held our Spring term parents' evening. Lots of parents came into school to find out how their children were progressing.

The children had a great time in the crèche where they ate some treats, had a drink and either played games and coloured or watched a film.

Parents were also treated to complimentary tea and coffee provided by the school and served by our Chair and Vice-Chair of Governors.

Staff Become Eucharist Ministers

Miss Morgan, Fr Emmanuel and Mrs Chapman.

26 February 2013

On Tuesday 26th February Mrs Chapman and Miss Morgan became Eucharistic Ministers for St Joseph's School and were awarded a special certificate from Father Emmanuel.

Both members of staff are very honoured and look forward to carrying out their service for the Church in school.

Year 5's Charity Tuck Shop

Our very thoughtful children at the tuck shop!

15 February 2013

On Friday 15th February a number of children from Year 5 set up a tuck shop during playtime selling cakes, biscuits and drinks to the rest of the school to raise money for charity.

It was the children who came up with the idea and they organised the whole event themselves – we are very proud of them.

Sponsored Pancake Flip

Children enjoying the pancake flip assault course.

12 February 2013

On Tuesday 12th February our school held a sponsored pancake flip.

All the children from Nursery to Year 6 took part in a pancake flip assault course and raised lots of money for charity. Parents were invited to come and watch their children whilst enjoying a hot drink and a slice of pancake.

The event was run by the children from Year 5 and everyone had a fantastic time!

Safer Internet Day

Children watching a video about the importance of staying safe online.

5 February 2013

All the children took part in a Safer Internet lesson including, looking at ways to safe online and the impact of cyber bullying.

All the children had a very enjoyable day!

The Feast of the Presentation

Our celebration on the Feast of the Presentation.

4 February 2013

We gathered together as a school to celebrate the Feast of the Presentation also known as Candlemas.

The children from Year 6 acted out the story for the rest of the school.

We lit the Altar candles as a reminder because Jesus was called the 'The light of the World'.

Reception Class Assembly

Reception's Assembly on Zacchaeus.

1 February 2013

In their assembly, Reception presented the story of Zacchaeus. They performed the Zacchaeus song with actions.

Reception told everybody that God loves us and will forgive us if we make mistakes.

Our New PE Equipment

Our new climbing frame.

10 January 2013

On Thursday 10th January our new PE climbing equipment was fitted.

We are all very pleased to have good quality and colourful climbing equipment that we can use in our PE lessons!

House Point Winners for Autumn - Kindness

Our Kindness House Captain with the House Cup.

21 December 2012

House Points
Kindness 3303
Respect 3245
Forgiveness 3222
Equality 3112
Truth 3020

On Friday 21st December the House Point Trophy was awarded and the winning house for the Autumn term was Kindness.

It was a very closely run contest with all houses scoring points into the thousands, but eventually it was Kindness who had the winning total of 3303 points,

Well done Kindness!

Good Shepherd Appeal Donations

As you can see our children and their families are very generous.

19 December 2012

On Wednesday 19th December our children and their families very kindly donated tins to be taken to the Good Shepherd Appeal in Wolverhampton which will help the homeless this Christmas.

Jesse Tree Assemblies

One of our special Jesse Tree assemblies.

December 2012

During Advent, St Joseph's have been learning about The Jesse Tree. Each day the children learn about a different ancestor of Jesus from The Old Testament.

Each class takes it in turn to lead the assembly and creates a symbol for The Jesse Tree.

By the end of Advent all the children will know the names of the people in Jesus' family tree.

Peer Supporter Training

Congratulations to our Peer Supporters from Years 5 and 6.

21 November 012

On Monday 21st November children from Years 5 and 6 completed Peer Supporter Training.

The children had all previously applied to be Peer Supporters by completing an application form and attending an interview.

All of the children who took part are now able to provide support and help to any children who need a friend to talk to during play and lunchtimes.

A Play in a Day

Year 4 learn a play in a day.

9 November 012

On Friday 9th November, Year 4 took part in ‘A play in a day'.

We were taught how to use facial expressions and body language when acting as a character.

We learnt and performed a play about Anti–bullying for the rest of the school.

Year 2's Assembly on Noah

Year 2 tell the story of Noah.

2 November 012

Year 2 prepared and performed a fantastic assembly on Friday 2 November.

They told the story of Noah, a faithful and loyal man, who followed God even when his neighbours thought he was silly for building a boat so far from the sea.

Parents' Evening

Parents really enjoyed looking at their child's work!

16 October 012

On Tuesday 16th October we held our first parents' evening of the year.

We were very lucky that so many parents were able to come, have a cup of tea or coffee and speak to the teachers about the progress their children are making.

The children had a great time eating biscuits, drinking juice and playing games in our crèche too!

Harvest Cafod

Raphael talks to the school.

5 October 012

On Friday 5th October Raphael, our CAFOD leader, came into school to talk to us about CAFOD's family fast day 'Share the harvest'.

The children took part in demonstrating how lots of people around the world do not have enough to eat.

Numeracy Workshops

Parents and children working together.

3 and 4 October 012

On Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th October, Year 4 parents came into school to take part in a Numeracy workshop.

The Parents enjoyed taking part in the lessons and supporting in their childs learning.

Harvest Mass

Year 4 with their harvest offerings.

2 October 012

On Tuesday 2nd October Year 4 celebrated Harvest Mass.

They bought fruit and vegetables to the altar and wrote thank you prayers to God.

The children at St Joseph bought offerings of food to give to 'The Good Shepherd' appeal.

Pray the Rosary

The Rosary.

1 October 012

On Monday 1st October St Joseph's gathered together to pray a decade of the Rosary.

The children were able to say that October is one of Mary's special months and explain why we pray the Rosary today.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Everyone had a lovely time.

28 September 012

On Friday 28th September we held a Macmillan Coffee Morning in school.

Lots of parents and carers came into school and enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee along with some biscuits for a £1.

Everyone had a lovely time and raised £45 for charity.

Year 4 Assembly

The children acted out the story.

21 September 2012

On Friday 21st September the children in Year 4 presented an assembly about the message that everybody is equal in God's eyes.

They acted out the story of 'The Paralysed man' and showed how Jesus didn't judge people who may have been different.