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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Snippets of News - 2011/12

Lunchtime Prize Winners

Our lucky lunchtime winners.

20 July 2012

On Friday 20th July during our Awards Assembly we handed out some very special lunchtime prizes.

During last week every child who was able to stay hot dinners had a special card which they got stamped everyday by one of the dinner supervisors. Everyone who managed to get a stamp everyday had their name put forward into a competition to win an Olympic Mascot or an Olympic Poster.

The lucky winners were very happy to receive their prizes.

Sustainability Prize Winner

Our lucky winner being presented with his prize.

20 July 2012

On Friday 20th July during our Awards Assembly Mr Hinton presented a very special prize to a member of Year 5 who won a drawing competition whilst on a school trip to Bluebell House.

The children were asked to design their dream house and explain how it could be made sustainable. The lucky winner won a £5 gift voucher.

House Point Winners for Summer - Jupiter

Our Jupiter House Captain with the House Cup!

20 July 2012

House Points
Jupiter 3193
Mercury 3135
Saturn 3050
Venus 2869
Pluto 2850

On Friday 20th July the House Point Trophy was awarded and the winning house for the Summer term was Jupiter.

It was a very closely run contest with all houses scoring points into the thousands, but eventually it was Jupiter who had the winning total of 3193 points.

Well done Jupiter!

Leavers' Mass

The Year 6 children with the Headteacher, Year 6 staff and Fr Emmanuel.

17 July 2012

On Tuesday 17th July we held a special Leaver's Mass for the Year 6 children who will be leaving our school on Friday.

We celebrated all the success that the children have had by offering objects which reflected the children's time at St Joseph's.

St Thomas Olympic Presentation Evening

Our winning pupils.

13 July 2012

On Friday 13th July a group of Year 6 pupils and parents visited Dudley town Hall to attend the St Thomas Olympics presentation evening to receive awards for academic excellence, sporting achievement and creative excellence.

These were won by Maria, Luke and Smith.

We listened to speeches by the Mayor of Dudley and Mr Seex who spoke on behalf of the schools taking part. We also collected an award for our participation in the competition.

The evening was presented by Bob Hall, the local TV presenter and was and was a great success. We would like to thank the parents who came and made the evening so special for everyone. It was a great opportunity for us to share an evening with the people of St Thomas ward, united under the common theme of the Olympics.

Gospel Singing Morning

Gospel singing together.

10 July 2012

30 children from Key Stage 2 were given a fantastic opportunity to be part of a Gospel singing morning on Tuesday 10th July.

We had a brilliant time learning uplifting songs and being part of a huge choir made up of other schools from the borough.

We can't wait to do it again!

Rights Respecting School Award

One of the quotes displayed throughout the school.

5 July 2012

Our school is working very hard to gain the Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) in connection with Unicef.

The Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA) recognises achievement in putting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) at the heart of a school's planning, policies, practice and ethos. A rights-respecting school not only teaches about children's rights but also models rights and respect in all its relationships: between teachers/adults and pupils, between adults and between pupils.

As part of our work each class has performed a CRC assembly which has identified the rights that children all over the world should have along with sharing the various articles from the CRC with the parents via newsletters.

On Thursday 5th July we displayed a range of articles around school to remind our children of the CRC throughout the school.

Year 2's Book Quiz

Year 2 taking part in the Book Quiz.

3 July 2012

On Tuesday 3rd July, Year 2 took part in a Book Quiz.

The Schools Library Service sent us a box of books to read and learn about. We chose two teams of four children (who chose their own team names). Mrs Seedhouse very kindly came to visit us and asked us lots of questions about these books. 'The Scientists of the Century' just beat 'The Intelligent Team' by a couple of points.

Good fun was had by all!

Year 4 Face Victorian Factory Conditions

Enacting out Victorian factory conditions.

18 June 2012

In Year 4's history topic, we have been exploring conditions of child labour in Victorian factories, and the changes that Lord Shaftesbury's rules brought to their lives.

Our classroom was changed into a Victorian factory with a clocking-in machine, and we worked in lines so the mistress could see us all.

Did you know that only the kindest of factory workers offered their employees (aged 6+) any education at all?

As Victorian factory workers, we have to stand all day making chain links, from 5am to 9pm, with no break other than a quick lunch at noon. Our boss is very strict and canes us if we are idle or try to sit. We must produce 13.5 yards of quality chain every hour or we don't get paid our 8 shilling wage.

Family Zumba

Our parents and children having a fun time together.

12 June 2012

On Tuesday 12th June we started our after school Family Zumba Club.

Parents have been invited to accompany their children and take part in a Zumba class together.

The class was a huge success and our families had a lovely time!

Anti-Child Labour Day Assembly

The children in our assembly.

12 June 2012

We raised awareness of World day Against Child Labour which was on 12th June 2012.

  • Article 28: All children and young people have the right to a primary education.
  • Article 31: All children and young people have a right to relax and play.
  • Article 32: Governments should protect children and young people from work that is dangerous or might harm their health or their education.

Year 1's Fairtrade Assembly

Year 1 displaying their Fairtrade posters.

11 May 2012

On Friday 11th May, Year 1 presented their assembly on Fairtrade.

They made posters to show everyone what Fairtrade is all about, and told us where we could buy Fairtrade products and what type of products are available.

They showed the school how buying Fairtrade banana's can make a huge difference!

Some of the children performed a role play to show how easy it is to make a better choice and buy Fairtrade.

Our School Newspaper is Launched

Our newspaper editors reading the newspaper.

4 May 2012

On Friday 4th May children from Year 3 began to sell our new school newspaper.

The enterprising children had the idea of creating a school newspaper to sell to their friends throughout the school and have been working very hard to produce the first copy.

The newspaper was such a success that more had to be printed to keep up with demand!

Children Take a Message to the Prime Minister

The children with their project.

2 May 2012

Four children from our school visited No 10 Downing Street. There, the Year 5's took along a message for Mr Cameron to take with him to share with the other leaders at the Rio De Janerio Earth Summit next month.

Throughout the Term, Year 5 have been studying sustainability and as part of a Project with six other schools in the Dudley and Sandwell area. St Joseph's nominated four children to take their concerns about climate change to the Prime Minister.

However, this was a message with a difference! The message was a Pandora's Box made by the children, filled with the children's concerns about the Earth. Hope being the Earth Summit the children's message will hopefully remind Mr Cameron of Britain's promise to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

Who knows - there may be a budding Prime Minister amongst the Year 5's of St Josephs!

A Storyteller in School

We learnt actions to a song.

2 May 2012

On Wednesday 2nd May we were really lucky to have a storyteller visit our school.

The storyteller worked with every class in the school so all of the children were able to enjoy the fun and exciting activities!

St George's Day Celebration

Mr Hinton read us the famous tale of George and the Dragon.

23 April 2012

On Monday 23rd April we gathered together to celebrate the feast of our countries Patron Saint, St George's day.

We remembered how St George had been martyred for his belief in Jesus.

We thought about how brave and courage St George was and how we could be more like him in our everyday lives.

Year 2's World Health Day Assembly

Year 2's World Health Day assembly.

20 April 2012

On Friday 20th April, Year 2 performed an assembly for the rest of the school about World Health Day.

They shared facts and demonstrated that children have the right to be healthy and cared for by their parents, school and government.

House Point Winners for Spring - Venus

Receiving the House Point Trophy on behalf of Venus team.

30 March 2012

House Points
Venus 3847
Mercury 3772
Saturn 3697
Pluto 3632
Jupiter 3342

On Friday 30th March the House Point Trophy was awarded and the winning house for the Spring term was Venus.

It was a very closely run contest with all houses scoring points into the thousands, but eventually it was Venus who had the winning total of 3847 points.

Well done Venus!

Lent Donations

Our display of donated foods.

30 March 2012

On Friday 30th March we were able to create this lovely display of tinned food which was donated by our families during Lent.

We have sent the food to the Good Shepherd Appeal in Wolverhampton.

The Last Supper

Jesus washed the disciples' feet.

28 March 2012

On Wednesday 28th March Year 4 acted out The Last Supper, Jesus' last meal with his disciples prior to His arrest and crucifixion on a roman cross about 2,000 years ago.

The disciples followed Jesus to the room for the Passover meal. Later, Jesus washed the disciples' feet.

Year 3 Palm Sunday

Year 3 waving their palms in the air.

27 March 2012

On Tuesday 27th March Year 3 acted out the events of Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode to Jerusalem on a donkey.

A Polish Song with Mrs Lysiak

Mrs Lysiak with Year 1.

20 March 2012

Year 1 were lucky to have a visitor in our class on Tuesday 20th March.

Mrs Lysiak came to read us a Polish story and helped us practise our Polish song we are learning.

Thank You, Tesco

Sue Goodby (our Community Champion) and her helpful colleague.

6 March 2012

Our school has been working with our local supermarket, Tesco. We have been very lucky and lots of our children have visited Tesco and been very well looked after by the staff.

On Tuesday 6th March Tesco very kindly donated lots of products to our school, which we are very grateful for.

Lunchtime Competition

Our lucky winner and her prize!

20 to 25 February 2012

Monday 20th to Friday 26th of February was National Potato Week. In school Dudley Catering Services ran a 'find the spud' competition where all the children who stayed school dinners during the week could have a go at guessing where a 'spud' had been planted in a field.

All the children who were very close to where the 'spud' was buried had their names put into an envelope and a winner was randomly selected.

The prize was a £10 voucher from Argos!

Our Peer Supporters Programme

Our trained Peer Supporters.

16 January 2012

On Monday 16th January we launched our peer supporters programme.

Congratulations to our Peer Supporters from Years 5 and 6. After completing their training at Saltwells EDC the Peer Supporters are keen to get on with their job and support our pupils on the playground.

House Point Winners for Autumn - Pluto

Pluto's House Captain with the trophy.

17 December 2011

House Points
Pluto 4914
Mercury 4882
Saturn 4874
Venus 4834
Jupiter 4701

On Friday 17th December the House Point Trophy was awarded and the winning house for the Autumn term was Pluto.

It was a very closely run contest with all houses scoring points into the thousands, but eventually it was Pluto who had the winning total of 4914.

Well done Pluto!

The Good Shepherd Appeal

Our wonderful collection of produce.

15 December 2011

On Thursday 15th December we were able to create this wonderful display of food. During Advent the families in our school donated tins and toiletries for The Good Shepherd Appeal in Wolverhampton.

Well done everyone.

Creative Christmas Workshop

Great fun was had by all at the KS1 Christmas creative morning.

15 December 2011

On Thursday 15th December Years 1 and 2 held a Creative Christmas Workshop where parents were invited into school to make exciting Christmas decorations with their children.

There were loads of things to do – Christmas cards, calendars, bracelet and necklace making, paper plate angels, crown decorating, wrapping paper printing and split pin characters.

A great time was had by all!

Lunchtime Fun!

Everyone joining in, learning the dance moves.

28 November 2011

As part of a new initiative children are been given a wider range of activities to take part in during lunchtimes.

Teaching Assistants are providing fun activities such as Zumba, team and drama games, along with colouring and puzzles too! The children love lunchtimes and all the fun things they can take part in!

Bright Clothes Day

Children wearing their bright clothes.

25 November 2011

On Friday 25 November we had a bright clothes day to celebrate the end of road safety week.

The local Police came in to talk to the children about road safety and even gave every child a flashing armband to keep them safe on the dark nights.

Anti-Bullying Week

The journalist recording our news item.

14 November 2011

November 14th – 18th is Anti-Bullying week and at St. Joseph's the whole school has been taking part in anti-bullying workshops, activities and thinking about what to do if someone they know is being bullied.

Our hard work has been recognised and on Monday 14th November Central News came to school to record an item of news about all the exciting things that we have been doing.

Remembrance Day

Year 6 at the cenotaph.

10 November 2011

As part of their topic looking at World War 2, the children from Year 6 wrote prayers of remembrance which they read out at the cenotaph in Dudley on Thursday 10th November 2011.

The prayers were lovely and the children had a lovely morning out.

Year 1 Visit Our Parish Church

Year 1 sitting in the pews in church.

6 October 2011

Year 1 went to visit the local parish of Our Blessed Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury in Dudley.

We walked to church and took photos on the way, and when we arrived.

Inside the church we sat in the pews, found a place where we could go to pray, stood in the pulpit and looked into the font!

St.Joseph's Achieves Fairtrade Status

The Fairtrade Committee proudly display our award.

1 September 2011

St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School has successfully been awarded Fairtrade Status for the current academic year.

Mrs Chapman along with the Fairtrade committee, made up of Year 6 pupils, applied for the award before the summer holidays and have just found out that the application was successful.

Gaining the award was hard work and the school had to demonstrate their commitment to the work of Fairtrade and show evidence of this through the curriculum. The school have held Fairtrade tea and coffee mornings for the parents, looked at the work of Fairtrade in Geography, Literacy and in RE and the Year 6 Fairtrade Committee run a very successful Fairtrade Tuck Shop for the Key Stage 2 children during morning playtime. All the children in the school understand and support the work of the Fairtrade and wherever possible actively support their work.

The school is very proud to have achieved Fairtrade Status and pledges to continue the good work in the future!