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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - Vocations Week

23 to 27 May 2016

The week beginning Monday 23rd May was Vocations Week at our school. We started the week together in an assembly thinking about the vocation of St Joseph. Following this the children from all of the classes had lots of visitors into school to talk about their vocations and how God has called them in different ways to live out their vocations.

On Friday 27th May the children of St Joseph’s came together to share all of their learning during our special vocations week in school.

As a special reminder of vocations week 2016 at St Joseph’s all of the children received a special St Joseph’s magnet to remind them of St Joseph’s vocation of caring for Mary and Jesus.

Mrs Hancox.
Father Emmanuel .

Mr Seex.
Mrs Chapman.

Mrs Smout-Gill.
Mrs Temba.

Mrs Howell.
Mrs Nash.

Mrs Armarto.
Mrs Wolohan.

Mrs Hayre.
Mrs Roberts.

PC Stacey.
Nursery shared their vocations of having kind hands, kind feet, and kind words like Jesus.

Reception class have been thinking about what career they might like in the future.
Year 1 shared the information they had found out from their visitors during the week.

Year 2 had been busy hosting lots of visitors and learning about lots of different vocations.
Year 3 shared their learning about the different vocations God calls us to.

Year 4 shared some of the work they had completed during vocations week.
Year 5 shared information they had found out form their visitors.

Finally Year 6 told us all about the visitors that they had hosted during the week too.
Our special St Joseph's magnet.