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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - Remembrance Day Assembly

15 November 2013

Down in the fields where poppies grow,
The brave soldiers rest row by row,
Side by side where we lie down dead,
Remember us where poppies bed.

God has welcomed all of our souls,
Sadly we did not reach our goals,
Now we are staying with God’s love,
High in heaven is Gods great dove.

On Friday 15th November 2013, Year 5 and 6 presented the Remembrance assembly for all those who have fallen in wars, and for those we remember who are still living.

First, all the children from each class hung their prayers, for those they wanted to remember, on the Remembrance tree. This was done in silence in respect for those who had died. It was very moving for the parents that came to support their children.

Then, the children of Year 6 presented poems they had written for those who had fallen in World War One. An example of one of these is shown. These were particularly moving as they reflected on the great sacrifice that soldiers had made for their loved ones and the great love felt by those left behind. The children also reflected on the positive message that the fallen had gone to be with God and would never be forgotten by us on earth.