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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - Lenten Service

26 March 2015

On Thursday 26th March lots of the children, parents and staff of St Joseph’s attended a very special Lenten Service at our Church, Our Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury.

It was a lovely service with beautiful singing and acting from the children, as they acted out the events of Holy Week.

At the end of the beautiful service Fr Emmanuel (helped by our musicians) drew the raffle and thanked everyone for coming to share the lovely service together.

Palm Sunday where Jesus rode on a donkey as the people waved palms.
Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as the Last Supper.

Jesus shared the bread and the wine with his disciples.
Judas betrayed Jesus and the soldiers came for him.

A crown of thorns was placed on Jesus’ head.
Jesus walked the painful journey carrying the heavy cross.

Simon helped Jesus carry the heavy cross.
Jesus spoke to Mary and John from the cross before he died.

Jesus’ body was taken down from the cross.
A stone was rolled in front of the tomb where Jesus’ body lay.

Our wonderful musicians who helped to make the singing so beautiful.
Fr Emmanuel and helpers drew the raffle.