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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - The 'IF' Campaign: MP Visit

24 May 2013

On Friday 24th May, following the launch of the ‘IF' campaign, MP Ian Austin came to St. Josephs to be informed about all the work for the ‘IF' campaign currently taking place in Year 6.

Some of our Year 6 boys started off our proceedings by performing a rap they had composed themselves. With lyrics showing empathy to those suffering from malnutrition and hunger around the world.

A group of pupils then presented a well research power point, informing Mr Austin about the ‘IF' campaign and what we propose to do as a school to support this worthy cause.

Ian Austin was then presented with petitions written by each member of our Year 6 class with signatures of support from friends and family. All were in support of the work of the ‘IF' campaign and the need for change; these petitions will be passed to Mr David Cameron along with a brilliant letter written by one of our pupils.

Finally Year 6 had their photo taken with Ian Austin and a huge poster made from all the prayers of the school's pupils for those suffering. This will now be posted on the CAFOD website.

The morning was a great success and Ian Austin was immensely impressed and proud of all the children in our Year 6 class. Well Done Year 6!

A group of rapping Year 6 boys!
Year 6 performing their presentation.

Our petitions being handed to Ian Austin.
The letter that will be passed on to Mr Cameron.

Ian Austin and our Year 6 pupils!
Everyone can see our support for the ‘IF' campaign.