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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

School Staff

Come and meet the staff of our school - all drawn by our talented pupils. If you'd like to see what they really look like, just roll over the drawings with your mouse!

Miss Blanchette
by Kurtis

Mrs Bowen
by Seth

Miss Bullock
by Adeena

Miss Carre
by Josh

Mrs Chapman
by Bethany

Mrs Cheema
by Bethany

Miss Cresswell
by Joe

Miss Dunn
by Tyler

Mr Gilbert
by Keeva

Mrs Hickman
by Bethany

Mr Hinton
by Victor

Miss Link
by Iris

Mrs Lowe
by Ellie

Mrs MacDonald
by Caitlin

Miss Marsh
by Patryk
Mrs Parker
by Safah

Mrs Philpott
by Alishba

Miss Sibley
by Tyler
Mrs Toddington
by Jack

Miss Wisniewski
by Peter

Mrs Wroblewski
by Iris

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mr Hinton Principal
Mrs Chapman Vice-Principal
Miss Blanchette Nursery Teacher
Miss Wisniewski Reception Teacher, Head of Early Years
Miss Bullock Year 1 Teacher
Miss Cresswell Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Buckley Year 3 Teacher
Miss Marsh Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Hickman Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Cheema Year 6 Teacher
Mrs MacDonald Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Marley Teacher
Miss Oakley Teacher
Mrs Bowen SENCo
Fr Louis Le Van Hong Parish Priest and School Chaplain
Mrs Ajmil Teaching Assistant
Miss Carre Teaching Assistant
Miss Giovenco Teaching Assistant
Mrs Gilbert Teaching Assistant
Miss Link Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lowe Teaching Assistant
Mrs Parker Teaching Assistant
Mrs Philpott Teaching Assistant
Miss Sibley Teaching Assistant
Mrs Toddington Teaching Assistant
Mrs Wroblewski Teaching Assistant
Miss Dunn Administrator
Mrs Lee Finance Assistant
Mr Gilbert Caretaker
Mrs Jones Dinner Supervisor
Mrs Gordon Dining Room Assistant
Mrs Hutchinson Dining Room Assistant
Mrs Highfield Lunchtime Cashier
Mrs Luhar Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Prince Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Smith Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Harris Cleaner
Mrs Hinc Lunchtime Supervisor and Cleaner