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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Sports Premium

Our PE and Sport Premium Funding allocation in 2018/19 is £17,800

How we intend to spend our allocation

This year we intend to spend our allocation on employing qualified PE and Sports teachers from a local sports academy (graded as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted) to come into school twice per week to teach our own PE scheme in our classes.

Our staff will team teach alongside the PE teacher and learn from an expert how to teach our own PE scheme. The result will be all of our teachers will have been fully trained in every aspect of our PE scheme by the end of the programme. The headteacher and PE coordinator monitor the provision and also monitor the quality of lessons that our teachers are able to provide following this intensive training.

We also use our funding to pay for transport to sporting fixtures for pupils, to provide additional PE lessons at lunchtimes for children with special educational needs or difficulties with PE and we provide a range of after school and lunchtime sports opportunities throughout the year.

How we spent our allocation last year

Last year we followed the same model above. It was so successful (see below) that we have continued with this model of funding usage for the current year.

How our use of the funding has made a difference to PE and Sport Participation and attainment

As a result of using the funding:

  • We have a high quality scheme for PE and our staff are expertly trained and updated in delivering the scheme.
  • Our pupils receive good quality teaching in P.E and our internal observations confirm this.
  • We offer a wide variety of after school clubs throughout the year, offering several opportunities for children to take part in sport and exercise classes.
  • We provide lunchtime opportunities for additional P.E for children who have difficulties or needs in the subject.
  • We provide weekly sports at lunchtime for all pupils, increasing activity levels at lunchtime.
  • We take part in competitive sports fixtures with neighbouring schools.
  • Uptake of sporting activity as a whole has increased as a result of the initiatives above.
  • We have increased our focus on physical activity for health and have recently successfully introduced the ‘daily mile’.


By training all of our staff in how to deliver the PE scheme to a very high standard we are investing the sports premium in an approach that will leave a legacy of high quality sports and PE beyond the funding period.