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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Snippets of News - 2014/15

Year 6 Graduation

Our Year 6 graduates.

16 July 2015

On Thursday 16th July St Joseph’s held the very special Year 6 Graduation Ceremony.

It was a lovely ceremony where each Year 6 child was congratulated individually for all of their efforts and hard work this year as well as being recognised for being the kind, caring and lovely children they all are.

The children dressed up in graduation gowns and each received a leavers medal, certificate, scroll and personalised autograph book to remember their time at St Joseph’s.

Ashley Jones Award Winner

This year's winner of the Ashley Jones Award.

16 July 2015

On Thursday 16th July, during the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony, the Ashley Jones Award was presented to a member of Year 6.

The Ashley Jones award began a few years ago at St Joseph’s to recognise children who do a little bit extra and work hard to look after everyone at school.

Year 1 Share Their Learning

Year 1 share all they have learnt this term.

16 July 2015

On Thursday 16th July Year 1 held a very special learning celebration.

Year 1 shared all of their learning from their recent topics in school with their parents.

It was a fantastic and everyone had a great time.

Winning House - Kindness

The House Captain of Kindness.

16 July 2015

The winning house point team for the summer term was kindness.

All of the houses earned over 2000 points each and we’re very proud of all of our teams.

Reception's Disney Dress Up Day

Reception class all dressed up.

10 July 2015

On Friday 10th July Reception class held a special Disney and Marvel dress up day.

The children all dressed up as their favourite characters and even went to a special ball!

Choir Sing at Jesson's Primary Concert

Our wonderful choir.

8 July 2015

Today, our School Choir caught the bus and went to visit another Dudley primary school to sing in their Choir Concert.

We sat in a big marquee and watched lots of other schools sing before having our turn!

We sang fantastically and everyone was very proud of the children. Lots of parents came to watch, too!

Well done St Joseph’s School Choir.

Year 2 Visit Twycross Zoo

Year 2 at the zoo.

8 July 2015

On Wednesday 8th July Year 2 went on their class trip to Twycross Zoo.

The children have been learning all about animals and their habitats this term, so this was a perfect trip to find out even more and get a bit closer to the animals.

The children had a fantastic time!

Drumming Performance

Year 4 bang their drums!

7 July 2015

On Tuesday 7th July Year 4 and 6 shared all they had learnt in their drumming lessons with both their parents and the rest of Key Stage 2.

The children did a great performance and showed that they had learnt such a lot.

Years 1 and 5 Visit the E-Zone

Some Year 5 children creating some natural art.

25 June 2015

On Thursday 25th June Years 1 and 5 visited the E-Zone at Roberts Street Primary School.

The children had a lovely day which included making sewage soup, making natural art pictures and even a bit of pond dipping.

Meeting the Animal Man

The children met the tarantula personally.

25 June 2015

On Thursday 25th June Nursery and Reception were visited by some special animals.

The children were very lucky to meet an owl, a skunk, a snake and a tarantula!

The children learnt lots of facts about the animals, too.

Year 6 Visit London

Year 6 in London.

19 June 2015

On Friday 19th July Year 6 went on a fantastic trip to London.

It was a very early start as we had to be at school by 5.30am ready to catch the train and tube into London.

We had a great time and learnt lots in the Houses of Parliament during our tour and the saw all the wonderful sights of London from inside a pod on the London Eye.

Everyone had a lovely time and the children were so well behaved and represented our school so well.

Year 3 at the Black Country Museum

The children all had a wonderful time.

18 June 2015

On Thursday 18th June Year 3 enjoyed a trip to the Black Country Museum to find out how all about the Victorians who helped shape Dudley.

Learning About Oral Health

Children in Year 4 looking at the best way to keep their teeth nice and clean.

18 June 2015

On Friday 19th June St Joseph’s was visited by Sophina and her colleague from the Oral Health Team.

Sophina visited the children in classes 2 to 6 and explained to the children why it’s so important to look after their teeth and keep them clean.

The children really enjoyed the talk and were each given a toothbrush to take home with them.

Learning About the Environment with Dudley E-Zone

Caroline talking to the children in Year 2.

18 June 2015

On Thursday 18th June St Joseph’s was visited by Caroline from Dudley e-zone.

Caroline talked to the children about the environment and how we play an important part in looking after it.

Year 6's Confirmation Retreat Day

Year 6 taking part in their retreat day.

17 June 2015

On Wednesday 17th June Year 6 took part in a Confirmation Retreat Day with Dan Callow.

Dan came into school and worked with all the Year 6 children who continued their Confirmation preparation.

At the end of the day parents came into to join the children in small prayer service.

Year 6 Fairtrade Workshop

Year 6 taking part in the Fairtrade workshop.

15 June 2015

On Monday 15th June Year 6 took part in a Fairtrade Workshop.

The children learnt more about Fairtrade and why it is important to try and buy Fairtrade products where possible.

Year 1 Make a Fruit Crumble

Year 1 cooking together.

8 June 2015

On Monday 8th June it was Year 1’s turn to cook!

The children were very excited and worked together with Miss Sibley and Mrs Skelding to make a lovely healthy fruit crumble.

Equiteach Talk on Anti-Racism

The children in Year 5 working with our visitors.

8 June 2015

Monday 8th June marked the start of our second anti-bullying, anti-racism and internet safety week in school.

The week started with a visit from Equiteach who visit schools to talk to children about anti-racism and how it is important to celebrate our differences.

The children really enjoyed the workshops and asked lots of questions and joined in lots of exciting activities.

First Holy Communion

The children all together after receiving First Holy Communion.

7 June 2015

On Sunday 7th June children from Year 3 received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.

The children had been preparing for to receive the Sacrament in school and were also joined by children from the Parish. It was a lovely event and a beautiful Mass.

On the following Tuesday the children celebrated with the rest of St Joseph’s with a special Mass in school and a lovely Holy Communion breakfast afterwards.

Year 5's Childline Assembly

The Year 5 children in assembly.

3 June 2015

On Wednesday 3rd June Year 5 were given the opportunity to attend a special assembly by Childline.

The Childline visitors came into school to talk to the children about the work that they do. The children learning a lot and found the assembly very interesting.

Year 2 Make Healthy Flapjacks

Year 2 making their fruit flapjacks.

1 June 2015

On Monday 1st June it was Year 2’s turn to cook!

The children were very excited and worked together with Miss Sibley and Mrs Skelding to make a lovely healthy fruit flapjacks.

New 'Outstanding Ofsted' Signs

One of our 'outstanding' signs.

21 May 2015

On Thursday 21st May we celebrating our Outstanding Ofsted result by having some new signs fitted around school.

Year 1 Parent Workshops

Parents and children enjoying the lesson.

20 and 21 May 2015

On Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st May Year 1 held their parent workshops.

Lots of parents came to join in with lesson which involved writing at length about the different types of prayers we say at school.

The children also wrote a letter to a visitor about the different ways that you can pray.

Dudley News Outstanding Ofsted

19 May 2015

On Tuesday 19th May a photographer from the Dudley News came to St Joseph’s to take a photo of Mrs Chapman and three children from Year 3.

The photograph was to accompany an article in the newspaper about our Outstanding Ofsted rating. We were very pleased and proud to be in the newspaper and share our ‘outstanding’ news.

Read the article in the Dudley News (external link).

Year 4 Visit the Eco-Zone

Pond dipping.

11 May 2015

On Monday 11th May Year 4 visited the Eco-Zone at Roberts Street Primary School.

The children had a lovely day building shelters and pond dipping.

Reception's Assembly on Mary

The children from Reception class in their assembly.

8 May 2015

On Friday 8th May the children from Reception class shared their learning about Mary with everyone in their special assembly.

The children have been learning about Mary during May in the classroom and were very proud to share what they had learnt.

May is one of the months where we honour Mary and at St Joseph’s we pray the Rosary every day and learn about the mysteries of the Rosary.

Years 1, 2 and 3 Work with Paul Hunt

The children listening carefully to Paul’s instructions.

8 May 2015

On Friday 8th May children in Year 1, 2 and 3 worked with Paul Hunt.

Paul came into school last week to work with the older children and this week it was the turn of the younger children to learn all about the games that disabled people can play.

All of the children had a fantastic time working with Paul.

Year 1 Topic Sharing Celebration

Year 1 sharing their learning.

8 May 2015

On Friday 8th May the children from Year 1 shared their learning with their parents in their end of topic celebration about materials.

The children have really enjoyed the topic this term and were very excited to share everything that they had learnt with their parents.

Year 5 Healthy Cooking

Year 5 cookery lesson.

8 May 2015

On Friday 8th May the children from Year 5 took part in their cookery lesson with Mrs Skelding and Miss Sibley.

The children really enjoy learning how to make healthy food that they can take home and share with their family!

EYFS Do Some Planting

The children getting ready to do some planting.

7 May 2015

On Thursday 7th May the children in EYFS welcomed Guy from Roberts Primary. Guy came into school to work with the children in Nursery and Reception planting some new things for a soon to be ready garden.

Even though it was a very rainy day the children all had a wonderful time.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

The children preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

5 May 2015

On Tuesday 5th May the children in Year 3 received The Sacrament of Reconciliation after Mass.

The children have been preparing to receive the Sacrament both in school and at home.

Flowers for Our Lady

A big 'thank you' to everyone who donated the beautiful flowers.

5 May 2015

On Tuesday 5th May the children and families of St Joseph’s very kindly brought in lots of beautiful flowers for our special Mass dedicated to Our Lady.

The flowers made a beautiful display in the hall during Mass and the children are going to share some of the flowers around the classrooms so that each class has some flowers next to their statue of Mary.

Key Stage 2 Meet Paul Hunt

The children getting ready to play some games with Paul.

1 May 2015

On Friday 1st May children in Key Stage 2 were lucky enough to work with Paul Hunt.

Paul is in a wheelchair as he has lost both of his legs but he enjoyed showing the children some of the games you can play in a wheelchair, highlighting that his disability does not stop him and others enjoying themselves.

Year 3's Fairtrade Assembly

Year 3's assembly.

1 May 2015

On Friday 1st May Year 3 shared their learning about Fairtrade in a special assembly.

The children told us all why buying Fairtrade products are better for the farmers.

All of the children read and acted well.

The Importance of Teeth Cleaning

The children learning about how to keep their teeth clean.

30 April 2015

On Thursday 30th April Nursery and Reception were visited by a hygiene nurse who came into to school to tell the children the importance of keep their teeth nice and clean.

The children all listened carefully and were treated to a free toothbrush and some nice toothpaste!

Year 1 and 2 Recorder Concert

The children performing with their recorders.

30 April 2015

On Thursday 30th April the children in Year 1 and 2 performed a recorder concert for their parents.

The children have been learning the recorder during their music lessons and were very excited to share what they had learned with their parents.

Year 2 Parents' RE Lesson

The children enjoying the lesson with their parents.

29 and 30 April 2015

On Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th April the children in Year 2 invited their parents into school to share an RE lesson.

The parents really enjoyed sharing the lesson with their children and learning about how we teach RE at St Joseph’s.

Year 3 RE Parents' Workshop

Parents and children working together.

22 and 23 April 2015

On Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd April Year 3 held their RE parent workshops where parents were invited to come in a share the RE lesson with their child.

Lots of parents came into school to work with their children and everyone enjoyed the lessons.

Year 4's Roman Exhibition

Year 4 with their busy exhibition.

25 March 2015

On Wednesday 25th March Year 4 held their end of topic celebration by creating a special exhibition for their parents and other children within school to come and explore.

Year 4 have been learning about the Romans and made jewellery, clothes, model houses, catapults and even swords and armour.

Solar Eclipse

Everyone outside for the eclipse!

20 March 2015

On Friday 20th March all of the children and lots of parents went outside into the playground to experience the eclipse.

Mrs Hickman showed everyone how to create a sun viewer safely so that we could see the eclipse safely without looking at the sun – they were fantastic!

Year 2 Forgiveness Assembly

Year 2 present their assembly.

19 March 2015

On Thursday 19th March Year 2 shared their learning about forgiveness by acting out a story from the bible in assembly.

The children were also the first class to use our new sound system and microphones which made their assembly extra special.

Well done Year 2!

Year 1's First PE Lesson with Mr Brookes

Listening carefully to Mr Brookes.

11 March 2015

On Wednesday 11th March Year 1 took part in their first PE lesson with Mr Brookes.

The children all enjoyed the lesson and had a great time too!

Reception's Assembly on Zacchaeus the Tax Collector

Reception children ready to act out the story of Zacchaeus.

6 March 2015

On Friday 6th March Reception class shared their learning about Zacchaeus the Tax Collector who following sharing a meal with Jesus changed his ways and gave back the money he had taken dishonestly back to the people.

Parents Join Year 1 for an English Lesson

Lots of parents joined us in our lesson!

4 and 5 March 2015

On 4th and 5th March Year 1 invited their parents into to take part in an English lesson.

The children were learning how to write instructions using time connectives.

Reception Investigate Fairtrade

Some of the children ‘hunting’ to find Fairtrade fruit.

4 March 2015

On Wednesday 4th March Reception class walked to visit our local Tesco. The children visited Tesco to buy Fairtrade Fruit to make a fruit salad.

Year 3 Trip to the Birmingham Museum

The children making notes about what they saw.

27 February 2015

On Friday 27th February Year 3 enjoyed their trip to the Birmingham Museum to visit the Greeks exhibit.

We had lots of fun travelling on the bus and seeing all the artefacts from ancient Greece.

New School Display in Church

Our lovely new display.

27 February 2015

On Friday 27th February as the Church has now been redecorated we updated our school display in the church entrance.

The display gives key information and shows photos of our school along with some lovely art work by the Year 3 children who are due to make their Holy Communion later this year.

Year 4 Book Quiz Competitors

Year 4 Book Quiz Team.

27 February 2015

On Friday 27th February some of the Year 4 children attended Dudley Library to take part in a Book Quiz.

The children worked so hard in preparing for the event and were rewarded by coming second – only one point behind the winners!

Lots of staff from other school and the Library staff commented on how respectful, polite and what good sportsmanship our children showed – we are very proud of them!

Pupils Meet the Mayor of Dudley

Our two Year 6 children with the Mayor of Dudley.

26 February 2015

On Thursday 26th February two of our Year 6 children went to the meet the Mayor of Dudley to be presented with the trophy and a framed certificate for raising so much money during the Poppy Appeal in November last year.

Even though our school is a lot smaller than other primary schools in Dudley, we managed to raise a lot of money for the appeal.

Lent Assemblies

Mr Hinton leading our first assembly.

26 February 2015

On Thursday 26th February we began our special Stations of the Cross Assemblies which continue throughout Lent.

During Lent all of the teachers take it in turns to present an assembly based on one of the Stations of the Cross which ends with Year 6 performing the Stations of the Cross before we break up for Easter.

During each assembly two purple footprints are placed on the wall to symbolise the journey we are taking with Jesus during Lent.

Pancake Flip

Taking part in the Pancake Flip.

24 February 2015

On Tuesday 24th February we hosted our annual Pancake Flip!

All of the children from Nursery to Year 6 took part in the sponsored event raising lots of money for charity during Lent 2015.

Lots of parents came to watch the event and bought tea, coffee and enjoyed a slice of pancake. Following the Pancake Flip the children were given the opportunity to eat some real pancakes too!

Year 6 Work with Dudley Planning

Year 6 children looking at the future plans.

23 February 2015

On Monday 23rd February Tim from Dudley Planning came in to visit our Year 6 class. Tim came in to discuss the planning proposals for Dudley in the next few years and to get some input from the children.

The children really enjoyed sharing their thoughts and opinions!

Year 3's World Language Day Assembly

Year 3 performing their assembly.

13 February 2015

On Friday 13th February Year 3 performed their assembly about World Language Day which is recognised on Saturday 21st February.

The children told everyone the story of Selwa who moved to Spain with her family and found it very difficult to learn a new language.

Year 3 reminded us of how important it is to accept everyone regardless of the language they speak, their culture or their religion. Thank you Year 3!

Poetry Week Workshops

Jackie Bayliss delivering one of the poetry workshops for Years 1 and 2.

11 February 2015

On Wednesday 11th February St Joseph’s invited Jackie Bayliss from Dudley Library Service into school to deliver poetry workshops to all of the children, in celebration of our in school Poetry Week.

During the week children from Nursery all the way up to Year 6 have been enjoying reading, performing, writing and learning about the features of poetry.

Safer Internet Day

Year 6 children completing online activities.

11 February 2015

Wednesday 11th February was Safer Internet Day.

All of the children at St Joseph’s completed work which reminded them how to stay safe online. Some children completed online activities, whilst other children made posters and badges.

Drums and Guitars Concert

All ready for action.

10 February 2015

On Tuesday 10th February Year 3 and 5 performed a concert for their parents.

Children in Year 3 have been learning African Drumming since September and Year 5 have been learning to play the guitar.

Both performances were fantastic and all of the parents were very impressed!

Year 1's Lost Sheep

Some of our little sheep!

6 February 2015

On Friday 6th February Year 1 shared their learning in RE with the rest of the school by performing The Lost Sheep in their assembly.

The children did some wonderful acting and reading along with dressing up as sheep too!

Well done Year 1.

Our Great British Sign

Our lovely new sign.

2 February 2015

On Monday 2nd February a brand new sign was installed in our school hall, celebrating how great it is to be in Britain.

The sign demonstrates the inclusive nature of our school and reminds us that no matter what our religion we all work together to make Britain brilliant!

We also have photographs of people who have the important job of looking after us!

Year 4's Candlemas Assembly

Children in the costumes ready for their performance.

30 January 2015

On Friday 30th January Year 4 shared their learning about Candlemas in their assembly.

The children performed a role play and told everyone all about Candlemas.

Poppy Appeal 'Thank You'

The visitors from The Royal British Legion taking to the children in assembly.

26 January 2015

On Monday 26th January four members of the Royal British Legion visited our school to congratulate the children for raising so much money during the November 2014 Poppy Appeal.

The Royal British Legion presented us with a lovely shield in recognition of our fund raising which we have now displayed in our reception area.

Year 5 Holocaust Memorial Assembly

Year 5's Assembly.

23 January 2015

On Friday 23rd January Year 5 shared their learning about Holocaust Memorial day with the rest of the school and their parents in our Friday assembly.

The children acted out some of the events of the Holocaust where families were separated and showed us how Jewish people were forced to wear a yellow star.

Year 5 also reminded us why it is so important that we respect everyone and treat everyone equally to ensure that there is never another Holocaust.

Year 3 Learn About Nutrients

As you can see, it was lots of fun!

23 January 2015

Year 3 have been learning all about a balanced diet and the different food groups.

On Friday 23rd January we were learning how the nutrients from our food gets transported around our bodies.

Our New House Team Badges

Our new House badges.

22 January 2015

On Thursday 22nd January we held a special assembly to show the children our new house team badges.

We conducted a pupil questionnaire earlier this term and one of the suggestions from the children was to have house team badges so that everyone could see which team they belonged to, so that’s just what we did!

Every child and member of staff now has a badge to show which team they belong to at St Joseph’s!

At the Variety Show

One of the lovely clowns and other performers on the stage.

21 January 2015

On Wednesday 21st January lots of our families enjoyed a lovely evening at a wonderful Variety show at Brierley Hill Civic Centre.

St Joseph’s was very lucky to be allocated around 100 free tickets to the event hosted by Circus Starr, so we held a free raffle for everyone who wanted to go and lots of our families had a wonderful time.

Year 6 Martin Luther King Assembly

Year 6 researching Martin Luther King.

16 January 2015

On Friday 16th January Year 6 performed their assembly about Martin Luther King.

The children in Year 6 had spent the week learning about why Martin Luther King is such an important person and what he achieved during his lifetime.

St Joseph's in the 100 Top Performing Schools

6 January 2015

Mr Hinton received a letter, dated 6 January 2015, from the Rt Hon David Laws MP, Minister of State for Schools, contratulating him on the excellent performance of St Joseph's pupils in the 2014 SATs Restults.

The letter said:

"It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on the excellent performance of your pupils in the 2014 national key stage 2 tests as published on 11 December.

Your results show that you are amongst the 100 top performing schools in terms of the progress your pupils make between key stage 1 and the end of key stage 2. Your school is exceptionally effective in educating its pupils.

I would like to congratulate your staff, governors and pupils for their hard work and success and thank you for your leadership in continuing the drive towards high standards of educational achievement."

The letter itself can be read below:

House Point Winners - Respect

The Respect team captain holding the House Point Cup dressed in Respect’s colours.

19 December 2014

On Friday 19th December the final house point totals of the term were added together and Respect were the winning team this term.

All of the houses did very well with each collecting nearly 3000 points each!

Completing our Jesse Tree

Our Jesse Tree full of the symbols of Jesus’ ancestors.

19 December 2014

On Friday 19th December we completed our Jesse Tree journey in Advent by adding the final characters of the donkey, Joseph, Mary and Jesus to the Jesse Tree.

We have really enjoyed learning about Jesus’ ancestors throughout Advent.

Year 1 Make Christmas Cards

There was lots of glitter... and collage!.

18 December 2014

Today all children in Year 1 made a Christmas card to take home for their family. They used lots of collage materials and had lots of fun listening to Christmas music!

Well done children.

Year 1 Receive Christmas Letters from Elves

Thank you to the special elves.

18 December 2014

Last week Year 1 wrote letters to Santa, telling him what they wanted for Christmas.

Today, the children received a letter from one of Santa’s elves (some special helpers from our Partnership School Bishop Milner) who wrote back to each child individually! They loved receiving their letters!

Each child had a letter to read which they couldn’t wait to read.

Key Stage 2 Nativity

The actors all on stage.

17 December 2014

On Wednesday 17th December the children from Key Stage 2 performed their Christmas Nativity play for their parents and families both in the afternoon and in the evening.

Year 6 took the acting parts and Years 3, 4 and 5 sang beautifully in the choir.

Food Donation for Good Shepherd Homeless Shelter

A display of all of the tins and packets of food donated by the families of St Joseph’s.

17 December 2014

On Wednesday 17th December the children and their families were very kind in donating tins of food for the Good Shepherd Homeless Shelter in Wolverhampton.

The children know and understand that it is important to think about others, especially at Christmas time and were very generous with the amount of food they brought in.

Year 3 Travel Agents

Special visitors in Year 3.

17 December 2014

Year 3 have been learning about the Mediterranean in Geography and will be learning about Ancient Greece in January.

We had special visitors Alison and Helen in from a travel agent to tell us more about different countries and booking holidays.

Year 5's Topic Showcase

Year 5 showcase their work.

16 December 2014

On Tuesday 16th December Year 5 held their topic ‘showcase’ where they invited parents in to look at the work we have been doing this term.

The focus was The Great Fire of London and the children took part in a question and answer session, showed off their own presentations and looked at our cross curricular work with art.

It was a lovely morning thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Jesse Tree Assemblies

Year 3 looking at the Jesse tree and discussing the ancestors of Jesus in more detail.

16 December 2014

During Advent in St Joseph’s we have continued our special tradition of holding Jesse Tree Assemblies every day to learn about the ancestors of Jesus and placing a symbol reminding us of that ancestor on our Jesse Tree.

Reception Meet the Firemen

The children talking to the fire fighters.

15 December 2014

Reception are learning about people who care for us.

The firemen came to show us how they care for us. They showed us some of their equipment and what they use it for.

Mrs Chapman came to explain how mothers care for their children. Sue the school nurse told us how she cares for us.

Nursery and Reception's Nativity

The EYFS Nativity.

12 December 2014

On Friday 12 December the children in Nursery and Reception performed the Nativity for their parents.

All of the children had special parts to play in re-telling the story. The children read clearly, acted well and sang beautifully.

We are very proud of all of the children in EYFS.

Year 1 Decorating Cookies

Children enjoy cooking in school.

12 December 2014

Today children in Year 1 enjoyed designing then decorating their own cookies.

They used icing pens and lots of other ingredients to decorate their cookies, then took them home to enjoy with their parents.

Year 6 Visit the German Market

The children at the German Market in Birmingham.

11 December 2014

On Thursday 11th December Year 6 went on a Modern Foreign Language trip to the German Market in Birmingham.

The children had a lovely time and enjoyed the market and looking at all of the different stalls.

Following their visit to the market the children also went on the Nativity Trail and looked at lots of artwork based on the Nativity.

Mince Pies

Year 3 making their mince pies!

8 December 2014

Year 3 made delicious mince pies with Mrs Skelding.

They smelled beautiful!

Year 3's Empty Manger Project

Year 6 sharing their work.

8 December 2014

At the start of Advent in Year 3, we have place a ‘manger’ in our prayer area for Jesus.

It started off empty. For every good deed that a child does we put a piece of straw in the manger.

This week, Jesus’ bed has been filling up and it is looking much more comfortable now!

Year 5 at the National Space Centre

Year 5 at the Space Centre.

5 December 2014

As part of our science topic, Year 5 visited the National Space Centre in Leicester on Friday 5th December.

The children had a fantastic day, learning even more about the solar system and life in space. We entered the Planetarium to see a fantastic 3D show as well as testing out equipment used by Apollo Astronauts.

Some of us even got to walk on the moon!

Year 6's Mayans Topic

Year 6 sharing their work.

1 December 2014

On Monday 1st December Year 6 invited their parents to come and join them and celebrate our topic work on the Mayans.

We shared all our information that we have learned and showed them our DT work on Mayan Pyramids.

Our parents then took part in a quiz testing them on their knowledge and memory of Mayan signs and symbols. They also worked out some maths questions using the skills we had taught them.

Willow Decorations

Our lovely willow Christmas decorations.

1 December 2014

On Monday 1st December Guy from Dudley E-zone came into Year 3 and Year 6 to show us how to make our very own Christmas decorations using willow.

Brilliant to be in Britain Week

Our special visitors in Year 6.

1 December 2014

On Monday 1st December as part of Brilliant to be in Britain Week St Joseph’s were lucky enough to have parents come into the class and discuss the Islam faith.

We saw a prayer mat and the Qur’an.

It was so interesting learning about other religions and how they pray to their own Gods.

New Signs at the Front of School

Signs at the front of our school.

1 December 2014

On Monday 1st December we had some new signs installed at the front of the school.

The signs display a number of messages as they are our school house point teams, which are also our Catholic values and each sign also refers to our British values too.

A great addition to the front of the school – especially in Brilliant to be in Britain Week!

Year 6 Remembrance Liturgy Service

Year 6 children creating the prayer display.

28 November 2014

On Friday 28th November Year 6 held a Remembrance Liturgy service for their parents.

During the month of November we have been remembering people we know, or people from our families who have died before we were born.

Year 6 wrote some lovely prayers and made a lovely display in the classroom for their parents.

Learning About Water

The children learning about water sewage and treatment.

26 November 2014

On Wednesday 26th November Year 6 had a special visitor in school. Malcom from a local water company came into school to talk to the whole school in an assembly and then to Year 6 about water.

This was part of Year 6’s water project this term. The children learned what happens to water after we have used it and where it goes!

Year 6 Make Christmas Cakes

Year 6 making their cakes.

24/25 November 2014

On Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th November Year 6 made their own Christmas Cakes and decorated them ready for Christmas.

Making their own cakes was part of the cooking programme run in school by Mrs Skelding and Miss Sibley.

The cakes were amazing and the children really enjoyed getting into the festive spirit.

Year 3's Presentation of Work

Year 3 showing their work to parents.

19 November 2014

On Wednesday the 19th of November, Year 3 invited their parents in for a special presentation.

They were telling them all about our topic from last half-term – What makes the earth angry? And do rocks tell us how the Earth was formed?

Year 3 had great fun being reporters and telling the parents about what they learned. We even had an exhibition of our work.

Year 4's Festive Cooking Lesson

Year 4 children making their biscuits.

18 November 2014

On Tuesday 18th November Year 4 took part in their cooking lesson with Mrs Skelding and Miss Sibley.

As we are approaching Christmas the recipes are getting festive! Year 4 made healthy Christmas Shortbread biscuits.

Anti-Bullying Week

Mr Hinton plays the millionaire quiz.

17 to 21 November 2014

Anti-bullying week started with a very special assembly on Monday 17th November where Mr Hinton and Mrs Hancox played 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'.

Mr Hinton had to answer questions about bullying and what to do in certain situations. Luckily the children at St Joseph’s were on hand to help him out! Mr Hinton managed to get to £16,000!

The next episode is Monday 24th November where we hope he makes it to £1,000,000!

Throughout Anti-bullying week the children are completing a variety of activities in their classrooms.

Inter-House Football Competition

Our talented footballers.

14 November 2014

On November 14th we held our whole school inter house football competition. The games were played in a fantastic spirit with all the children having a great time. There were some cracking tackles, wonderful saves and great goals.

A huge well done to all who took part and in particular to the Year 5 and 6 team captains and managers who did a brilliant job of coaching the younger children!

Jonah and the Whale

Year 2 tell the story.

14 November 2014

On Friday 14th November, Year 2 performed an assembly based on the story of Jonah and the Whale.

We have been learning about the important people in the Old Testament and were conveying the message that we should always listen to God.

Apple Pressing

The children apple pressing!

10 November 2014

On Monday 10th November Year 2 were lucky to have a visit from Stuart from the E Zone.

He showed us how to press apples and pears to make juice.

We all got to help and try the juice. It was delicious!

Trips to the Cinema

Outside the Showcase Cinema.

10 November 2014

On Monday 10th November Reception and Year 1 visited our local cinema.

During the week beginning 10th November the whole school has been given the opportunity to watch a film at the Showcase Cinema at Castlegate by the National Film Organisation.

Reception and Year 1 went to see 'Muppets Most Wanted', Year 3 and 4 are going to see 'Tarzan', Years 5 and 6 are watching 'Saving Mr Banks' and Year 2 are watching 'House of Magic'.

We are very lucky to be able to take the whole school to go to the cinema and the children are very excited!

Year 1 Learn PE Safety

The children on the PE equipment.

10 November 2014

On Monday 10th November Year 1 worked with Mr Brookes from Ellowes Hall.

The children looked at safely getting out the PE equipment and travelling across the equipment safely. All of the children listened carefully and enjoyed their PE session.

Year 1 Pizzas

The children making pizza.

5 November 2014

On Wednesday 5th November Year 1 enjoyed their cooking session with Mrs Skelding and Miss Sibley.

The children enjoyed making their healthy pizza and were looking forward to taking a sample home for moms and dads to try too.

Year 3 Make Volcanoes!

Making volcanoes.

21 October 2014

On Tuesday 21st October Year 3 completed their topic learning about rocks, soils, fossils and volcanoes.

During the topic the children tested rocks for permeability, investigated different soil types, made their own fossils and created their own volcanoes which actually erupt!

A great topic and the children worked very hard and learned lots.

Year 4's Bridge Project

Out and about looking at a local bridge.

17 October 2014

On Friday 17th October, Year 4 spent a day finding out about bridges, their designs, how to make them stronger, and how to build them with a success criteria in mind.

The childrenn had to think laterally and solve many problems in creating their design as the materials they were using was food based!

Year 3's Assembly on Forgiveness

The Year 3 children.

17 October 2014

On Friday 17th October it was Year 3’s assembly.

The children shared their learning about forgiveness. The children read out and acted the story of the Prodigal Son and lead the rest of the school in prayer and singing.

Well done Year 3!

Year 3 Learn Healthy Cooking

Listening carefully to instructions.

13 October 2014

On Monday 13th October Year 3 enjoyed their cooking lesson.

St Joseph’s was awarded a cooking grant earlier this year which enabled two staff members to be trained to deliver healthy cooking sessions to children throughout the school. Children learn how to cook healthy recipes, they take samples home and ask their family to rate the food on its taste, appearance and texture.

The cooking lessons are very popular in school and everyone enjoys their time working with Mrs Skelding and Miss Sibley.

Year 1 Maths Parent Workshops

Year 1’s parent workshop.

1 and 2 October 2014

On Monday 1st and 2nd October Year 1 held their Maths Parent Workshops.

Parent workshops are held termly in every class in the school with a focus on either English, Maths or RE.

Our workshops are well attended by parents who enjoy coming in to the classroom to work with their children.

Year 1's Creation Assembly

Year 1 children in assembly.

26 September 2014

On Friday 26th September Year 1 shared their learning about Creation with the rest of the school and their moms and dads in our Friday assembly.

The children retold the story of Creation and sang songs. The children all read and acted beautifully.

Well done Year 1!

A New Stage for EYFS

Our new stage.

23 September 2014

On 23rd September 2014, Mr Gilbert finished the new stage for the EYFS children to perform on!

We love having our new stage to perform on!

Introducing our Link School in Poland

Children acting out the story of The Cracked Jar.

19 September 2014

On Friday 19th September we held a special assembly to introduce our link school in Poland – SP118.

The children had a good look at the SP118’s website and looked at the photographs of the teachers who will soon be coming to visit us!

We then shared the story of The Cracked Jar which is the story that children from both schools will be working together on.

Everyone is very excited to be working with our link school and looking forward to meeting the teachers very soon!

School Council Meeting

Our School Council working hard.

19 September 2014

On Friday 19th September we held our first School Council Meeting of 2014/15.

The children were very excited to be part of the meeting and took great pride in introducing themselves and receiving their School Council Packs.

During the meeting the Council took ‘selfies’ of themselves and filled in a fact sheet, they then worked in groups discussing how we could make our school even better this year.

IMPS (Injury Minimisation Programmes for Schools)

The children listening carefully to instructions.

18 September 2014

On Thursday 18th September The IMPS training team came into school to work with the children of Year 6 to teach them how to stay safe.

The children had their fingers plastered to show how the hospital deal with broken bones. The children worked with the dummies to learn how to give CPR. The children learnt about DRS.ABC. This will help them assess a situation and tell them what to do.

Danger, Respond, Shout, Airway, Breathing, Circulation. The children had a go at administering CPR on the dummies. Delivering two rescue breaths and 30 chest compressions. The children worked in pairs to practise putting each other in the recovery position.

Year 6 Maths Problem Solving Workshop

Solving the challenge.

8 September 2014

On Friday 12th September we visited Bishop Milner for a maths ‘problem solving’ workshop. All of the children did really well and completed the tasks set!

The children had to work together to solve the problem of keeping all of the penguins on the ice burg. It was very unstable and needed a lot of thought and perseverance. The children were instructed to close their eyes and when the discs were spinning open their eyes and stare at the spinning circles. The elusion made their faces and hands become distorted. The children had to solve the problem of creating the perfect circuit for a car to travel along the street. All pieces could fit together in numerous ways.

In the photo, the children had to piece together a puzzle with a colour pattern and work out the middle circle. The children worked together as a team and were the only team to complete this challenge.

Celebrating the Birthday of Mary

Our beautiful display to celebrate Mary’s birthday.

8 September 2014

On Monday 8th September we celebrated the birthday of Mary.

Lots of families sent in beautiful flowers so that we could make a beautiful display for Our Lady on her birthday. We also held a special assembly and sang to Mary, too.

Following the assembly, as there were so many flowers, we were able to give each class a vase of flowers to put next to Mary in their class Prayer Area and leave lots in the hall too.

Road Safety Awareness

Our PCSO’s - Debbie and Rachel.

4 September 2014

On Thursday 4th September our PCSO’s Rachel and Debbie came into our morning assembly to talk to us about being safe when travelling.

Rachel and Debbie reminded us of why we should wear seatbelts in the car and how we can sensibly cross the road so we don’t get hurt.

Everyone was reminded about how to keep themselves safe and we were very grateful to Rachel and Debbie for sparing the time to come and talk to us.

Reception's First School Lunch

Reception's first school lunch.

3 September 2014

On 3rd September 2014, Reception class enjoy their first lunch in school.

The children showed their good table manners and enjoyed their lovely dinner.