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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - Unicef World Carnival

23 March 2012

On Friday 23rd March we held a Unicef World Carnival in school to celebrate the different world faiths.

All the children in school had spent the week leading up to the festival learning about different world faiths including: Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity in other parts of the world.

The carnival was a huge success; all of the children performed a prayer, dance or song for their parents and families from the faith which they had been learning about.

Following the carnival we held our Lenten fund raising event, where there was an Easter egg, bottle and teddy tombola along with a tea coffee and cake being served.

All of the parents, families and children had a very enjoyable afternoon along with raising £400 for our Lenten charities.

Nursery and Reception sang a song about going to the Mosque.
Year 1 sang Blessed John Paul II's favourite song in Polish!

Year 1 also performed a Polish dance.
Year 2 performed a Nasheed.

Year 2 also made their own prayer mats.
Year 3 sang a song about Diwali.

Year 3 performed a dance too.
Year 4 learned all about Sikhism.

Year 4 performed a bollywood dance.
Year 5 learned about Christianity in African.

Year 5 performed an excellent African dance.
Year 6 learned all about Judaism.

Year 6 performing their Jewish dance.
Year 6 shared the Irish dance which they performed on St Patrick's Day at The Public in Sandwell.

Year 6 remembered all of the steps!
Lots of parents and families came to the Carnival.

Our community ate, drank and had fun together.
Our wonderful raffle prizes!