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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - Reception Become TV Chefs

26/27 March 2014

In Computing, children in Reception class have been learning how to become TV chefs.

The children are making healthy snacks in three different groups and they went to Tesco to buy all of their ingredients. They had their shopping lists on clipboards and checked off each item as it went into the trolley. They then had some money and watched as the cashier took this in exchange for the items.

Everyone had a shopping bag to carry back to school. It was lots of fun!

The next day, we created the food by following the method of the recipe. We made three snacks in different groups: a carrot cake, a vegetable pizza and a fruit smoothie. The children all had a go at being a TV presenter and a videographer. They had a fantastic time!

Children tried some tasty fruit from the friendly lady in Tesco.
We collected all of the ingredients by reading the contents of the aisles.

Children checked off items on their shopping lists.
Beep beep! The items went through the till and children handed over the money in notes and coins.

Grating the orange for the group's carrot cake.
Pouring lemon juice for a fruit smoothie.

Filming her group making a vegetable pizza.
Pressing the red button to film his group's cooking show.