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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - A Visit to Newman University

16 July 2013

On Tuesday 16th July a group of three children from Year 6 went to Newman University to gain some experience of what University life is like.

They had the opportunity to join in with a Chemistry Lecture and actually take part in a Physics experiment on using a prism to refract light into the colours of the rainbow. They learned about how rainbows are created and how different materials change when shown under ultra violet light. They are taking this new knowledge back to class to teach the other Year 6 children what they know.

They then had a tour of the facilities, including the chapel, the statue of Cardinal Newman, the sports facilities and of course the canteen where they had lunch.

The tour finished at the library where the children were given a tour before choosing one of the school resources from the library to work on in their lesson the next day. They chose a suitcase from World War II containing a gas mask, marbles, a yoyo an ID card and a ration card. Included were some letters from an evacuee and their Mum which they will base their lesson on.

The staff at Newman were absolutely fantastic and gave the children a wonderful day. Let's hope they will be seeing them again in a few years when they are old enough to attend University.

We were glad the sun was shinning.
The children had a great time!

There was lots to see.
It was a very enjoyable day!