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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - Early Years Multicultural Week

7 to 10 May 2013

This week we had a fantastic time learning about different cultures in the Early Years.

We painted the six religious symbols, looked at Indian cultural instruments, made continent flags, took part in some cultural dancing including Irish and Bhangra and tasted lots of food from different countries around the world.

Some parents also came in to do cooking demonstrations and read the children some stories in other languages including Polis, Greek and Spanish. The children really enjoyed it, as did the staff!

Food tasting.
Flag making.

Playing cultural musical instruments.
Watching Irish dancing, then having a go!

All dressed up in cultural clothing!
Parents came in to read stories in other languages.

A buffet from around the world.
The staff had fun too!

We invited parents in to watch their children doing some cultural dancing on video.
Painting the six religious symbols.

We set up the learning environment for children to explore...
...This helped them learn in imaginative ways throughout the week.