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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - Merit Assembly

20 July 2016

On Friday 20th July during our Merit assembly we gave out lots of awards and celebrated lots of achievements.

Firstly, we celebrated our Fantastic Phonics and Sensational Spelling Winners. Every week children are given spellings to learn, when they are tested a week later, if the children get full marks they receive a raffle ticket which goes into a jar, each half term a winning ticket is pulled out of the jar and the winner receives a £5 Tesco gift voucher.

Also during the assembly we celebrated our attendance. We gave out attendance certificates for 97% attendance for the summer term and the whole school year – which was a lot of children!

We also gave out certificates for 100% attendance in the Summer Term, medals for children who have had two terms attendance (either Autumn and Summer or Spring and Summer) and finally £5 vouchers for children who had 100% attendance for the whole year. This was 34 children.

Lastly, the final celebration was to find out which house team had won the House Cup for the Summer Term – this was Respect.

Our spelling winners from this half-term.
Medals which were given out to our children with two terms 100% attendance.

Our children who received £5 Tesco gift vouchers for 100% attendance all year.
Our Year 6 House Captain of Respect receiving the House Cup.