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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - A Day Trip to London

11 July 2013

On Friday 11th July Year 6 got up very early to visit the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye in London!

The children left school at 5.30am and took a short coach ride to the train station where they got on the train to travel to London.

When in London the children caught the tube to Green Park where they took a lovely walk through the park and saw Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and other famous landmarks.

At 9.30am the children went into the Houses of Parliament and took a tour, they even saw the House of Commons in session! Following the tour the children took part in a workshop to learn about how they could make changes and get their voices heard if there was something that they were not happy with.

Finally after a lovely lunch in the park the children went on the London Eye and visited the 4D experience before returning home.

The children were VERY well-behaved during the day and were a credit to their family and the school.

Outside Buckingham Palace at 8.15am!
The children enjoyed the tour of the Houses of Parliament.