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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - Year 1's Flight Around the World

18 March 2015

On Wednesday 18th March Year 1 turned their classroom into an aeroplane.

They set up the chairs in four rows with an aisle, chose a pilot and watched a flight video as we landed in six different countries. Where would they be taken to next?

As the music began and the pictures came up on the screen they guessed the country and also tasted the food from the six chosen countries; South Africa, Poland, America, China, Pakistan and the USA.

We tried some juice from Poland and this was handed out by our very own Polish air hostesses, who also taught us some words in Polish, too.

The children had lots of fun and learnt lots. Well done Year 1!

Lots of yummy food to taste.
Enjoying the food.

Yummy donuts from the USA.
Wheeee! Off we go!