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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - Anti-Bullying and Internet Safety Assembly

23 June 2017

On Friday 23rd June we held a special assembly where the children from Nursery to Year 6 could share the work they had been completing during Anti-bullying, anti-racism and Internet Safety Week in school.

At St Joseph’s we hold two Anti-bullying, anti-racism and Internet Safety Weeks during the year as we feel the message is very important. Our first week is in November with the rest of the country and in June we hold a special week just at St Josephs’!

The theme of the week was FAB – Fighting Against Bullying!

All of the children made special promises on the letters F A and B which will be displayed in the hall to remind us of the promises we have made this week!

Nursery created a poster which showed us how to be kind to each other.
Reception made promises of how to look after each other’.

Year 1 shared some of their learning about how to report bullying.
Year 2 shared some of their Anti-bullying posters.

Year 3 told us all about CAT – Check, Ask and Tell.
Year 4 talked about how unkind words can have a lasted effect on someone.

Year 5 shared a two part poem – from the point of view of both the bully and the person who is being targeted.
Finally Year 6 reflected on the Rights of the Child Convention and the Articles which relate to protecting children.