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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Dudley

Event - Anti-Bullying Assembly

20 November 2015

On Friday 20th November we held a special Ant-Bullying celebration assembly. During the assembly the children from all of the classes shared the work with the rest of the school and parents that they had been completing during Anti-Bullying Week.

We also made a special chain full of promises that we are going to keep to stop bullying. This chain is now displayed in the hall to remind us every time we gather together about the promises we have made.

In Nursery the children have been learning to have kind hands, kind feet and say kind words to each other.

Reception children thought about how they can have kind hands – by not pushing and helping instead, kind feet – by not kicking and helping others and by saying kind words – saying nice things to each other.

Year 1 children shared a song about what to do if you were being bullied and reminded us that we should always tell an adult to get help.

Year 2 made worry boxes. The worry boxes are a place where you can put your worries and then give them to an adult who can help you. The children all designed their own worry boxes.

Year 3 children thought about what to do if you are being bullied and in small groups created role plays to show what you should do if someone is being unkind to you.

Year 4 children wrote poetry during the week, thinking about how people might feel if they are being bullied. The children also performed a poem together – making a noise about bullying!

Year 5 children made posters about how we can recognise the signs of bullying and what we can do to help someone who is being bullied. Year 5 were sharing their end of topic celebration with their parents and therefore didn’t come into the assembly, but they did send their chain of promises to join with the others.

Year 6 children worked in their house groups to think about the values of our school. The children used each of our 5 values to create a rap about how bullying does not follow the values of our school and what we should do to follow our values every day.

Nursery children sharing their learning.
Reception children sharing their posters.

Year 1 singing their song.
Year 2 children showing their worry boxes.

Year 3 sharing their role plays.
Year 4 children sharing their poem.

Year 6 children performing their raps.
All of our Anti-Bullying promises linked together!